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Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Sri Lanka

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The Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Sri Lanka (A-PAD SL) enables the Sri Lankan private sector to engage faster and more efficiently in national disaster management strategies. It is part of the National Disaster Management Coordinating Committee (NDMCC)) and works with over 700 companies and over 100 NGOs and Government partners, including the Ministry of Disaster Management and the Disaster Management Centre (DMC). A-PAD SL supports coordination in disaster risk reduction and mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, while also facilitating capacity building efforts in Sri Lanka. More specifically, A-PAD SL’s work complements Government’s efforts by creating effective public-private partnerships (PPPs) and institutionalizing business continuity planning, thus strengthening community and business resilience. The organization also facilitates civil-military coordination in humanitarian response.

Over the years, A-PAD SL has:

  • Sent out early warning messages to its member companies and the public ahead of impending disasters;
  • Coordinated private sector contributions to address natural hazards and manmade disasters, including flooding, drought, landslides, urban fires, disease outbreaks and violence; 
  • Conducted internationally accredited Search & Rescue (SAR) training sessions for civil-military personnel; 
  • Strengthened business and community resilience by facilitating capacity building training sessions on disaster risk reduction and business continuity planning;
  • Promoted public-private partnerships (PPPs) and multi-sectoral engagement in humanitarian response.

A-PAD SL responded to four disasters in 2021: COVID-19, an urban fire and two monsoons. The network coordinated a new pilot project in response to floods and landslides in June 2021. Its member company Union Assurance PLC provided 3,000 cooked meals to people who were severely affected by floods in the Kaduwela DC division. As the country was in COVID-19 lockdown, A-PAD SL helped identify safe centres and arranged approval for travel/delivery, travel escorts, security and COVID-19 protocols, all in coordination with the national government and local authorities.

The network was also actively engaged in the response to the flooding that followed the heavy monsoon rain in November, sending search and rescue teams and distributing food rations to affected families.

In addition to their response activities, A-PAD SL trained dozens of people in search and rescue activities, in collaboration with regional partners, the military and local businesses.

For more information, please visit A-PAD SL website and YouTube channels. 

Cover Photo: Women trainees in search and rescue training in Sri Lanka. Photo: A-PAD SL

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