Alliance pour la Gestion des Risques et la Continuité des Activités (AGERCA)

Data reported by AGERCA between January and September 2023
Alliance pour la Gestion des Risques et la Continuité des Activités (AGERCA)

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The Alliance for Risk Management and Business Continuity (AGERCA) is an independent non‑governmental organization that provides a mechanism for the Haitian private sector to support the national system for risk and disaster management and to enable businesses of all sizes to recover quickly and build forward better from crises.

AGERCA helps businesses and civil society organizations to identify the risks to which they are exposed and to avoid disruptions to their operations. The organization also promotes good practices in disaster risk management and coordinates response actions by the private sector and civil society in the event of a crisis or natural hazard.

AGERCA has been formally designated as the representative of civil society and the private sector within the Haitian National System for Risk and Disaster Management (Système National de la Gestion des Risques et des Désastres). The organizations works directly with the General Directorate for Civil Protection and is also a member of the national emergency operations center (Centre d'Opérations d'urgence Nationale).

Over the years, AGERCA has: 

  • Coordinated private sector and civil society contributions and assisted in distributing relief aid in Haiti; 
  • Developed and implemented community-level projects to build resilience; 
  • Raised awareness and provided capacity building trainings on disaster risk management, business continuity and resilience; 
  • Disseminated information on disaster risk reduction and business continuity; 
  • Conducted disaster simulation exercises. 

Following the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck southern Haiti on 14 August 2021, AGERCA helped coordinate the response of the private sector, civil society and the Haitian diaspora. In collaboration with the Haitian government, AGERCA provided phone credits to support information management and coordination. In addition to financial contributions, AGERCA member companies and partners made in-kind donations of critical items including thousands of gallons of potable water, clothes, solar-powered refrigerators and so on. Additionally, the network conducted an awareness campaign about the role of the local private sector and the importance of local procurement in the international response to disasters. 

To learn more about the network, please go to the AGERCA website. 

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